Angels of Mercy

Eliza Bryant Village nurses Anise (left) and Sheldon (right) with Village resident Ms. Gay (center)

Mansfield Frazier

As the number of elderly citizens in America grows by leaps and bounds, one of the critical professions that must grow right along with the aging population is the field of skilled nursing. A large percentage of the team that provides a wide array of services for the elderly residents of Eliza Bryant is dedicated skilled nurses.

For more than 125 years the staff at Eliza Bryant has remained committed to providing aging loved ones with the highest quality of care, with the goal of helping older adults restore their highest level of functioning, and skilled nurses have played a vital role in that success. The 158-bed facility features intermediate, total, skilled and memory care while fully comprehensive and integrated services are designed to meet the individual needs of each senior, for short or long term stay.

Skilled nurses are an important part of the interdisciplinary team that ensures that patients at Eliza Bryant receive the best care.  On an as-needed basis, the team can include physicians, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, dentists, optometrists, audiologists, psychologists, social workers, registered dietitians and transition care coordinators.

Resident Mr. Wilson (center) with his mother (left) and grandmother (right)

Together, these professionals deliver vital medical services that include physical, occupational and speech therapy programs, post-surgical recovery, diabetes management, medication management, nutrition counseling, falls and risk management, lab services and mobile x-ray. Indeed, every medical service a patient might require is provided on the modern, professional, and beautifully manicured campus located at 72nd and Wade Park.

Examples of the skilled nursing needs of residents can include complex wound dressings, rehabilitation, tube feedings or a rapidly changing health status. Elderly patients often experience rapid changes in their health status and the staff at Eliza Bryant is experienced in addressing the changing needs of residents. In addition to accident victims, some residents develop or contract serious illnesses which require a detailed rehabilitation regimen.  An example is stroke patients who sometimes must learn to talk, walk, or feed themselves all over again. At Eliza Bryant, a skilled staff member will be with a resident through every phase of their recovery. And their touch is usually so tender that one could call them “Angels of Mercy.”

Families that are considering entrusting their loved ones to a skilled nursing facility are invited to pay a visit to Eliza Bryant and ask as many questions as they care to regarding policies, routines, and the day-to-day operation of the facility. Whether they are considering a short or long-term stay for their family member, the warm, pleasant and knowledgeable staff will spend as much time as necessary to assure everyone involved in the decision-making process, that selecting Eliza Bryant is indeed the wise and correct choice.

Residents are the decision makers at Eliza Bryant in terms of planning their day-to-day activities.  They decide for themselves when to eat, what activities they want to participate in, and when to go to bed. This method of decision-making is part of the person-centered care approach of Eliza Bryant Village.

Housing tenant Mr. Clark with Home Care aide, Tammara

Other services provided by the 158-bed, skilled nursing facility include:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Dental, optometry and podiatry services
  • Expanded therapy and support for victims of trauma, abuse or neglect
  • Secure memory-care unit (Cleveland’s first inner-city memory care unit)
  • Psychological services
  • Housekeeping and personal laundry services
  • Beautician and barber services
  • Resident council and family support groups
  • Ambulance and transportation
  • Nutritious meals
  • Falls and risk management

The facility also provides short and long term, skilled rehabilitation services that are designed for individuals requiring physical therapy and/or skilled care following a stay in the hospital or injury. The staff of the comprehensive Rehabilitation Center at Eliza Bryant Village is expert at helping patients reach their optimal level of functioning in order to return home safely.

The staff prides itself on delivering all services in a professional manner and this is reflected in the results they have achieved in terms of average length of stay in the rehab program: 29 days. In 2016, of the 86 patients discharged, 54 returned home in 30 days or less.

The services at Eliza Bryant also include occupational therapy, which helps patients maintain self-sufficiency by improving tasks such as bathing, dressing and wheelchair mobility. Physical therapy focuses on achieving the best physical function and mobility by providing strengthening programs and patient education to help with walking, balancing and sitting. Speech and language therapies improve residents communication skills, targeting chewing, eating and swallowing disorders.

Once your aging loved one has completed convalescent care during their short-term stay, we recommend both caregiver and loved one check out the Senior Outreach Program through the  Adult Day Care that offers transportation, meals and fun and enriching activities for seniors. The Village even offers independent housing for seniors right on the Eliza Bryant Village campus.

One resident Mr. Waters came to Eliza Bryant Village seeking help with daily living activities. When asked about his stay Mr. Waters stated “The care was first class. I would recommend this place to anyone based on the care and services I received. I thank God for this place.”

Mr. Neal, a client of Eliza Bryant Village rehabilitation services

Mr. Neal came to Eliza Bryant Village for rehabilitation services. Upon completion of his individualized rehabilitation program, Mr. Neal’s quality of life was improved with better mobility and independence with standing and walking.

When asked about his stay Mr. Neal stated, “I was overcome with happiness being able to do something as simple as walk down the hallway. I couldn’t have done that without therapy.”

Eliza Bryant Village is the absolute best choice for premier skilled nursing.




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