City of Cleveland “Chore Services”

• All members of the household must be over 60 or functionally disabled.
• The house may be a single or two family dwelling. Multi-family homes do not qualify.
• Home must be owner-occupied and located within the City of Cleveland.

* Non-homeowners and apartment residents may qualify to receive indoor chore services.

Client Responsibilities:
• Secure pets away from the service area.
• Yard must be free of animal waste.
• Notify the office when the service is not needed.

Grass Cutting Program Description:                                     
• Service will begin in May and will continue through the end of October.
• Service will be provided approximately one time per month.
• A combination of full-time and part-time Chore staff members and Court Community Service workers will provide the service.
• Every attempt will be made to service clients with citations within the grace period of the citation if the Chore Program office is notified.

• There is no charge for this service.

CALL 664-3998 or 664-4694
Cleveland Department of Aging Chore Office
Chore Services Program


Leaf Raking:                       
• Leaves are raked one time in the fall, weather permitting.



Snow Shoveling:
• Steps and pathways are shoveled to allow safe entrance and exit from the home. 
• The service does not include plowing driveways.
• The service begins with the first snow and continues through March of the following year.
• Priority is given to seniors with medical appointments and home care providers.

Indoor Chores:
• During winter months, Chore staff members are available to do limited indoor chores for Cleveland seniors and adults with disabilities.
• Examples of the types of tasks include the installation of smoke detectors and general house cleaning.
• You must call each time to request an indoor chore appointment.
CALL 664-3998 OR 664-4694
Cleveland Department of Aging Chore Office

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