Dancing Queen

Cheryl Denise Darby

Let me share a song with you that is dear to my heart for several reasons.

In my younger years I stayed on the dance floor. Dancing Queen by Abba is one of my favorite songs. My oldest daughter took me and my youngest daughter to see the final performance of Mamma Mia that featured many of Abba’s hits. The play ended with the song Dancing Queen. I probably embarrassed my daughters because I jumped up sang and danced right in front of my seat.

One day as I sat at work it was so quiet I had the craziest idea of bringing in a boombox blasting Dancing Queen and dancing on top of my desk. And just as the thought came to my mind I blurted out the urge that was on my mind. My co-workers in the cubicles surrounding me started cracking up laughing and one of them said “That was random”.

Then two weeks later while celebrating my mother’s birthday I couldn’t walk for an entire week. I had to be wheeled to the emergency room in a wheelchair. I was also carried piggyback on my oldest nephew’s back out of my house. Both of my nephews took turns allowing me to lean on their shoulders to get back and forth.

“The blessing of being able to walk and have complete use of your legs should never be taken for granted. I know that prayers from family and friends pulled me through. After taking medication and healing, I began doing a few things around the house. I stopped and played Dancing Queen, blasting the music and dancing in my living room as if there was no tomorrow.

My perspective is when the circumstances of life, whether big or small, try to knock you down, pray and dance! This was my season to dance. The word states in Ecclesiastes 3:1- “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Be blessed.

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