“It is not possible for civilization to flow backwards while there is youth in the world. Youth may be headstrong, but it will advance it allotted length.” – Helen Keller

Groundbreaking advancements in society are often grown from dreams of young people. Like seeds, these dreams grow with the people who envisioned them and can manifest into reality.

For example, dreams of flying from two young brothers in Dayton, Ohio, become the fastest form of commercial travel when airplanes were invented. In the same way the dreams of young people can become amazing experiences and evolution.

Mark Anthony Moore, born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and raised in Cleveland, is an example of growing dreams into reality. Mark has watered the seeds of his imagination by studying and gaining experience through visual arts.

Mark began his journey curating dreams as an actor. “I used to love acting because it was an escape from my reality… but with filming I had to develop a sense of self and a style of my own.”

Mark decided to fully focus on acting when finding a job became hard. He started his own brand, GKBD-TV (Ghetto Kids Big Dreams), as a comedy YouTube channel. It wasn’t until after the birth of his son that he decided to direct his attention mainly towards filming.

As a filmmaker, Mark has worked with various artists. And his work is considered by those artist  to be high quality and professional and is substantiated by  his talent, creative vision, equipment, and professionalism.

GKBD-TV was hired to partner with radio station Z107.9. FM only months after his first collaborations.

Mark plans to continue working with bigger brands and bigger budgets. “My endgame is to create a soundstage in Cleveland, not only to bring more films to Cleveland, but give other videographers an opportunity to work on something besides the average street performance. I want to create a space with green screens and pre-built sets like LA and ATL-Cleveland needs that.”

The future for all creatives in Cleveland seems very bright. Many artists and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to invest back into the culture. Mark speaks highly of institutions like Karamu House and Rainey Institute. He said they give inner city kids opportunities usually only offered to the privileged.

Passing the torch and sharing light is a big part of creating dreams. GKBD has created visions from musical artists and actors, to businesses.

Mark said the most rewarding thing about videography is having people trust you to take their project to the next level.

You can check Mark out on the GKBD-TV YouTube channel where you can see his creative process with bts footage.