Minister Kevin May

If a person cries during an impactful moment, people say one of two things: that the person is “emotional” or, if that person is a guy, he is “soft.”

Why? What are emotions? Feelings, passion, warmth, intensity, compassion, being happy or sad.  So why do we say that someone is emotional if they cry, but not if they laugh?

I love laughing. Laughing so hard it makes me cry is such a good feeling. I do it often. In that moment, I am responding to something that has connected with me, something that has affected me. I love those moments of being moved to tears and/or laughing to tears. My friends and I do it often.

Have we become so judgmental that we can decide when and how people should react to something? Men have been taught that crying, especially in public, is “soft” and makes you seem weak. Why?

Because the father of lies wants us to stay prideful. The bible says that God will resist the proud and give grace to the humble. Crying is like any other emotion. What if we had been taught that laughing was a sign of weakness? Would we stop laughing in public? We can’t know the experiences of another individual’s life. People see and feel things differently, therefore express themselves differently.

Men crying being considered weak is a systemic stereotype that is based on the over concern of others’ opinions. Be secure in who you are and be confident in what you do. That’s real swag.

Jesus showed his emotions and He is the strongest, most powerful man in history. He showed anger when He overturned the money tables of people selling doves in the synagogue. Matt. 21:12. He wept at the grave of his friend Lazarus. John 11:35. He also wept over Jerusalem. Luke 19:41.

I can’t be a pleaser of God and man. I choose to be a pleaser of God!

In Christ, Minister Kevin May

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