Cleveland! My City, My Home!

Rachel James, LISW – A New Day Counseling Services LLC

I love living in the city.

My neighborhood is rich in history, the homes have character, and there is an abundance of energy.  I was a little hesitant when I purchased my home.  Some areas still have their challenges.  However, when I saw a deer wandering down the middle of the street one evening, I told myself we are going to be okay.

My neighborhood has a lot of long-term residents, many of them elderly.  Several neighbors reside in the home they grew up in.  My home is where my children grew up.  I have flowers from my aunt’s yard in my garden.  There’s a Charlie Brown-looking pine tree growing in the backyard that was given to my daughter in the first grade.  

But now the area is experiencing gentrification, which has its ups and downs.  There are a lot of new shops and businesses in the area.  Home values have increased, but so have taxes. 

My heart saddens when I think of the elderly residents who may not be able to afford the tax increases.  I am concerned that taxes may even become unbearable for me in my winter years, and that I may be forced to sell my home.  

The dynamic of the neighborhood is changing.  Previously, homes were passed down to family members. Now For Sale signs are everywhere.

Change is difficult due to uncertainty.  I try not to get attached to material things, but my home is my sanctuary and my refuge.  I love where I live.  If I had a million dollars, I would stay put, just where I am. 

Here’s to many more Springs and Summers on my porch swing observing traffic and nature, and daydreaming in a neighborhood that is rapidly transforming before my eyes.