Good News Cleveland

Who wants more stress at a time like this?

It seems as if good news is at an all time low, with anxiety and stress just moments away.

To combat this record high streak of negative news and stressful jargon, we at Neighborhood Connections present Good News Cleveland, brought to you by the NeighborUp Network.

Good News Cleveland will be a podcast and video show, highlighting residents of Cleveland having fun and building community in this time of crisis. Moments like this define community and resilience!

We are looking for submissions from you, or someone you know, making an impact within their community.

This could be members of the community having fun, or working to help those in need. Submissions, via video or audio, do not have to be professional grade, just authentic.

If you choose to make a video we ask that you catch footage of the act of kindness or inspiration. If there is a story you would like to recount, or continuous service being offered, we suggest you record a 3-5 minute audio clip. Once submitted, you will a receive an email within 1-2 weeks, notifying you that your clip has been processed 

 The first episode will be published June 1st and on a weekly basis thereafter. Your submission is appreciated! 

To submit content, and for more information please visit:

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