Grand Opening of the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic

Councilman Blaine Griffin, Beverly Young (Mom), Selina Tyson (Technician), Bemba Jones III (Father), Dr. Venaya K. Jones, Bemba Jones IV (Brother) Naimah Ervin (Daughter), Morris H. Erwin, Jr. (Husband)

Morris H Ervin, Jr.

On September 1, 2019, the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic celebrated its Grand Opening in the heart of the Fairfax Community’s Church Square Plaza.

Residents from Cleveland and beyond came out in large numbers to support Dr. Venaya K. Jones, the first African American female Veterinarian in Cleveland to own and operate her own clinic.

This lively event included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, special words from Councilman Blaine Griffin and a delightful doggie fashion show that everyone adored.

People from the community fed their dogs delicious ice cream from Colvin’s Creamery and participated in raffles for chances to win prizes.

The music and Master of Ceremonies kept the event fun and engaging. Everyone in attendance received a special, personalized tour from Dr. Jones of the fresh, innovative, state of the art clinic. People poured in from everywhere and they loved it.

Since the opening of the clinic and the news coverage from the local media, people in the community continue to support Dr. Jones by bringing their pets to the clinic. She has also received letters from fellow Veterinarians, businesses, and aspiring Veterinarians who are inspired by what Dr. Jones has accomplished.

Dr. Jones is truly appreciative of all the support she is receiving from the community. She simply loves that the clients tell her how happy they are for her to have chosen this community to open her Vet Clinic. Dr. Jones plans to develop a volunteer program and a youth mentoring program to accommodate the numerous requests from the people who see the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic as hope for a brighter future.

About: Cleveland Veterinary Clinic is a certified low-stress hospital located in the health tech corridor of Cleveland, Ohio. The clinic offers a full range of veterinary medical services including wellness exams, vaccines, behavioral consults, hospice care, surgery and much more. The Clinic also offers Feline Only hours, stress-free handling, early morning drop-offs, Sunday hours, and house calls.

The Cleveland Veterinary Clinic is located at 8069 Euclid Ave Cleveland, OH in the Church Square Plaza. 216-659-4075.

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