Healing Begins Within

Now more than ever the focus should be healing.  Healing always starts within.  If we could heal others we would have done so already.  The only person you can heal is yourself.  Understand, everyone is not trying to heal, and it’s okay.

To heal is not complicated and is different for everyone.  Slow down.  Take a walk in the rain.  Surround yourself with nature. We have a wonderful lake that can help to slow us down, especially on a calm day.  Focus on the present moment.  Get inside your own head. Walk barefoot in the grass.  Allow your body to slow down to reset to the natural vibration of Mother Earth’s which is 7.83 hertz. Scientists have confirmed that the Earth’s vibration has slowed during COVID-19.  You may have noticed more animals in the city. There is a different energy in the air. Don’t believe me.  Research it yourself.  

Once you’ve slowed your rhythm and are in the present moment, not worrying about the past and not worked up about the future,  magic will happen.  God and the universe will communicate with you.  You will experience one of the best conversations ever if you’re open to receiving.  All kinds of stuff will come up and out.  If you ask for direction, it will be given to you too.

The time to heal is now.  Stop allowing distractions and the fanning of buzzards, folks trying to block your blessings, and prepare yourself to receive what God and the universe has for you.  Stop looking for someone else to do it. It can only be done by you.  

Once you’re healed, you can get your household together.  After that, newly healed individuals can band together to get our communities together, then our nation, and then the world. 

A good therapist can assist you if necessary.     

Peace Be Still.

Desiree R. James, A New Day Counseling Services, LLC