Issue #33 Yet Another Cuyahoga County Tax Increase?

The Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Association recently endorsed Issue 33, which appears on the March 17 ballot.

The Health and Human Services levy received unanimous support from the various Cuyahoga County leaders.

Pepper Pike Mayor, Richard Bain said approving the levy will address the gap in funding caused by growing needs and expenses. “It’s absolutely vital that we take care of the more than 400,000 people from throughout Cuyahoga County who turn to Health and Human Services for help,” said Bain, who is secretary of the Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Association.

The Association cited compelling factors for passing the tax increase, including that one out of five Cuyahoga County residents lives in poverty, which for a family of three is an annual income of $21,330 or less. The federal and state administrations have also reduced their contributions to Health and Human Services.

“Issue 33 is an investment to support vital Health and Human Services in our county,” Parma Mayor, Tim DeGeeter said.  Seven Hills Mayor, Anthony D. Biasiotta added: “Issue 33 will help the county to continue to provide quality Health and Human Services.

If passed, Issue 33 will cost the owner of a home valued at $100,000 an additional $3.50 per month, which equates to an additional $35 million in annual Health and Human Services funding.

Are you tired of tax increases on every ballot? When and where does it stop?

We see school levies get trounced in a general election only to come back on the ballot in spring special elections & get voted in by their hardcore supporters while a large part of the voters are not paying attention. Seems like every politician and every “news” outlet are more than happy to support spending more of the taxpayers’ money. We see county appraisers arbitrarily jacking up property values to get more of your money in property taxes with little recourse.

400,000 people utilize the county Health and Human Services? 32% of the county population? What information can you offer to support that, and what is driving these numbers? Unemployment by choice? Sucking off the tax payers because you can? Seems like the county has their hand out every year. Didn’t the county just win a $197 million dollar opiate settlement that would directly benefit Health and Human Services?

Too little information, to late for me. I’m all for helping our seniors and voting ‘yes’ for a tax for their benefit. However, the county continues to take money slotted for one thing and move it into their General Fund to be used elsewhere.

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