Job Expectations: 3 Ways To Be Successful At Work

Rashay Davis

You’ve applied for that job. Gone to the interview and impressed the higher-ups so much that they’ve hired you. Now it’s game time, you’re in the thick of it and you want to be successful. Below are three ways to kill it on the job and be a stellar professional overall.

1. Be on time. It goes without saying that you should not be late to work. Being on time is the first step to kicking your day off right so that you are prepared to take on the day. It also ensures that you are there to support both your supervisor and your team in case they need anything from you. This also applies to break and lunch schedules.

2. Be present. Being present is a little bit different from being on time or just being there because it refers to how in tune you are with what is going on in the workplace. Being present requires you to be at work physically as well as mentally. This means limiting your distractions in order to promote success. Without distractions like cell phones or other unrelated materials your efficiency and productivity can be improved at work.

3. Be professional. Professionalism can be broken down into several categories, with two of them being your attire and your conduct. Dressing professionally simply means adhering to the company’s dress code policy and also practicing good hygiene which includes, but is not limited to, well-kept hair, clean nails and a body free of odor. This last one definitely is a reflection of the first two because it refers to one’s behavior.

Being professional is also how you conduct yourself at work from the way you speak to how well you perform your duties.

As a new employee you are entering into a contract with your new employer. One where you agree to adhere to certain rules and meet certain expectations. If you’re doing all of the above, you are holding up your end of the agreement. Therefore, if you have a grievance you are within your rights to address said grievance with your employer. And if you’re grievance isn’t rectified you are within your rights to terminate that contract or agreement knowing you were the best professional you could be.

Build your skills and know your worth.

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