Life Will Never Be The Same

Downtown Cleveland during the noon hour is deserted.

Devon Jones

According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease that has a mortality rate 10 times that of the Flu.

With those most vulnerable to COVID-19 being elderly individuals and those with underlying health conditions, many steps have been taken to slow the spread of the disease.

To many it seems as if life will never be the same. Scholars and community activists from all over the country have offered their thoughts on how things may change in the wake of the COVID-19 fallout.

Listed below are a few summaries of thoughts from an article published by Politico, about how the United States will change due to COVID-19.

“A Decline in Polarization,” written by Peter Coleman, a professor of Psychology at Columbia University stated that COVID-19 presents a “formidable enemy that does not distinguish between reds and blues” which could cause us to find a new sense of solidarity and unity. Furthermore, he states that COVID-19 could cause a “political shockwave.” This is an optimistic outlook that highlights how abrupt changes to everyday life can lead to people coming together, despite their differences.

In “A Return to Faith in Serious Experts,” Tom Nichols, a professor at the US Naval War College, emphasizes that “America has become an unserious country. This luxury is afforded by peace, affluence, and high levels of consumer technology.” An example of this, he states, is the United States electing Donald Trump, a “reality tv star” as their Commander In Chief.

With the COVID-19 crisis we have come to rely heavily on our local, state, and national officials. Thus, there must be an emphasis placed on accountability and seriousness.

There are a total of 38 small sections in this article where deep thinkers across the nation discuss some of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. With these ideas they present a question that many have come to ponder, “what next?”

Some of the sections are optimistic but as mother has always told me, “it’s always something.”

My sincere hope is that we can improve our ability to adapt as a society. Furthermore, I hope we come to realize the environmental aspects of health where we all contribute to each other’s well-being.






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