Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Local Legend DJ Stroke


For some, survival isn’t the focus of everyday life. Nurturing younger generations and acquiring wealth for the community are new, on-going themes for many young adults in the Cleveland and Greater Cleveland areas.

One special example of this can be seen in the local year-round activities in the Ward 7 community. At the end of every summer you can find an outdoor basketball tournament with free food and great music, all in support of children going back to school. Every Thanksgiving you can find young adults giving free turkeys to families in need. The spearhead for these events and related activities is a well-known DJ named “DJ STROKE,” or Giorgio Freeman.

Freeman, a local of the ward 7 community, was born at Mt. Sinai Hospital and was raised on East 97th and Hough. Freeman, who held his 7th annual Turkey Drive at Wade Park School this past November, has made charity and community a part of his personal brand. “Built a Brand” entertainment company was a product of his illustrious reputation and resume as a local DJ.  With his success in the Cleveland music scene Freeman was able to create opportunities for other artists, as well as other DJs. I reached out to the Freeman family for information on his background and future goals. I hope you find inspiration and comfort in the information acquired.

When asked, “What has shaped you as a man?” Freeman responded, “My mom has really shaped me as a man. She was a single mother raising 3 boys. I always wanted to be the Man that picked up where she wasn’t able to, or wasn’t as knowledgeable. Also, having a child before graduating High School forced me to rise to my circumstances.” Freeman went on to say that music has always been a part of his life. He described his family as hustlers who threw parties. Freeman feels he inherited that hustling spirit and love of a good party. Freeman used the inspiration he felt from his family to not only take care of his own, but also to be of service to many other families and people. “Community is important because it really takes a village to raise a child. When I was younger people in my neighborhood watched us like hawks. I thought they were nosy, but nowadays that’s a blessing,” Freeman said.  I also asked why he felt music was so important and he replied, “Music controls a lot; the way people feel and think, act and communicate. Music is Powerful.”

DJ Stroke hosted a New Year’s Eve party at Elite Bistro earlier this month. In the future he plans to continue building his brand, offer financial education on how to become a homeowner, and offer youth mentoring classes. Freeman has also started a wine company with his daughter Gia Marie as co-owner. “She has the sparkling ciders and I handle the adult drinks,”he said. Freeman plans to stay married and consistently be a part of raising his family.

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