Cleveland’s MidTown – The Plan

One MidTown Luxury Townhomes ~ 7209 Euclid Avenue

Located between Downtown and University Circle, MidTown Cleveland is the town to the city and unlike any other neighborhood in Cleveland.

A town is larger than a village, but smaller than a city. A community-minded place where it is easier to build strong neighborhood connections.

Just as Cleveland offers talent, diversity, and innovation on a regional scale, MidTown offers it in a single neighborhood.

Here, you can find world-class hospitals putting down roots next to legacy manufacturers, historic concert venues near leading architectural firms, and residential housing built to accommodate the talent driving the region’s economy. The town celebrates the dynamism, accessibility, and growth of our community at a neighborhood scale.

The Evolution of MidTown: Creating a Dynamic, Connected Neighborhood

MidTown is home to more than 650 organizations, including 50 nonprofits, 12 design and architecture firms, 75 health tech & high tech ventures, dozens of manufacturers, and hundreds of small businesses. More than 18,000 people work in MidTown and over 2,000 residents call MidTown home.

UH Center for Women and Children

Since 2008, MidTown has leveraged an investment in the RTA HealthLine to stimulate over $180 million of completed real estate development projects and attract scores of non-profit organizations, businesses, and residents to locate and live in the district.

Investment has accelerated over the last two years, with an additional $18 million proposed or in progress development projects totaling $140 million in further investment in MidTown.


MidTown Cleveland, Inc. is the community development organization charged with leveraging the diverse assets in MidTown to develop a dynamic neighborhood. In 2016, MidTown Cleveland, Inc. hired a new executive director, updated the organization’s code of regulations, and embarked on a comprehensive strategic planning process for the first time in ten years.

Throughout the process, 400 people were engaged through one-on-one interviews, focus groups, community meetings, and an online survey to weigh in on the future work of the organization.

The result is a three-year strategic plan that focuses on connecting the MidTown community, creating a complete neighborhood, building the MidTown brand, and strengthening the organization so that MidTown will be an inclusive place for people to innovate, create, prosper, and live

MidTown Cleveland has four main goals as laid out in our new strategic plan.

Connecting the Community
MidTown Cleveland, Inc. will consistently convene diverse constituencies to respond to community needs, build pride, and provide stakeholders with services and opportunities.

• Establish and deliver a service portfolio that provides value to all stakeholders
• Foster a sense of pride in the neighborhood by making connections and building relationships with residents, businesses, and nonprofits
• Advocate and partner to create, business, workforce, and education opportunities in MidTown

Creating a Complete Neighborhood
MidTown Cleveland, Inc. will establish a shared vision and leads a collective effort to plan and develop a neighborhood that embraces and exhibits a sense of place.

• Create a comprehensive plan for the neighborhood
• Lead the development of MidTown
• Target placemaking efforts in strategic areas

Building the MidTown Brand

MidTown Cleveland, Inc. will promote a compelling story of a connected and complete MidTown neighborhood, transforming target audiences into active partners in its future.

• Transform MidTown’s identity to reflect the organization’s strategic direction
• Promote MidTown’s story to transform target audiences into active partners and collaborators

Strengthening MidTown Cleveland, Inc.’s Capacity

MidTown Cleveland, Inc. will cultivate a stable organizational structure with an engaged board, high performing staff, and sustainable revenues in order to carry out the strategic plan.

• Establish and maintain a high performing and accountable governance system
• Develop and realign the organization’s staff
• Attract and increase resources to leverage our diverse assets to develop a dynamic neighborhood that unites the city’s downtown and innovation districts.

MidTown Cleveland, Inc. is located at 5000 Euclid Avenue in the historic Agora building.



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