Neighbor Up

Who We Are

Neighbor Up is a group of 3,000 people in Greater Cleveland and beyond using our talents and skills to improve life in our neighborhoods. We believe in the power of people working together to create an extraordinary world right where we live!


Neighbor Up started in 2012 with a small group of 25 people. It emerged from the pain and isolation many of us were feeling. We felt it and heard it from our neighbors at community meetings, on front porches and in the streets. People were feeling that most of the decision-making about our neighborhoods were being made by just a few people, and residents were not taken seriously.

A small group of neighbors got together and had conversations about what could be done differently to better our communities.

We decided that there needed to be a place where all voices could be heard – where people could work together to create a more inclusive and powerful community. That’s how Neighbor Up was born. It is an action phrase like ‘Man Up’ or ‘Woman Up’ and it’s meant to say that there is power in neighbors coming together.

Neighbor Up members:

  • create positive spaces where people can come to bring and share their skills, wisdom and knowledge;
  • tackle hard conversations about race, equality and inclusion, and build bridges across lines of differences;
  • are working together to create a more just, equitable and inclusive Cleveland.

Since Neighbor Up formed, members — with support from the community building program Neighborhood Connections — have done work on their streets and in their neighborhoods. Members have gotten seats at the tables where big decisions are made about our city and worked on issues like hiring/local job pipelines, infant mortality, lead poisoning and racial equity.

We are now working to stay connected during the current COVID-19 public health crisis. We have teams of members making phone calls to those who may be isolated and others who are hosting online spaces where folks can connect virtually for support and action.

There’s still a lot of work to be done and we hope you will join us. Attend one of our gatherings or sign up to become a member today. Call 216-361-0042 or text NUP to 474747.

Find more information on our website at

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