Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Permanent Schedule – Standing Committees of the Council 2018-2021

MONDAY – Alternating
9:30 A.M. – Health and Human Services Committee: Griffin (CHAIR),
McCormack (VICE-CHAIR), Conwell, B. Jones, Hairston, Santana, Zone.
9:30 A.M. – Municipal Services and Properties Committee: K. Johnson
(CHAIR), Brady (VICE-CHAIR), Bishop, Brancatelli, Hairston, J. Jones, Kazy.

2:00 P.M. – Finance Committee: Kelley (CHAIR), Zone (VICE-CHAIR), Brady,
Brancatelli, Cleveland, Conwell, Griffin, Kazy, McCormack.

9:30 A.M. – Development, Planning, and Sustainability Committee: Brancatelli
(CHAIR), Cleveland (VICE-CHAIR), Bishop, Hairston, B. Jones, Slife, McCormack.

TUESDAY – Alternating
1:30 P.M. – Utilities Committee: Kazy (CHAIR), Bishop (VICE-CHAIR), Hairston,
McCormack, Polensek, Santana, Slife.
1:30 P.M. – Workforce and Community Benefits Committee: Bishop (CHAIR),
Cleveland (VICE-CHAIR), Brady, Griffin, B. Jones, J. Jones, Slife.

WEDNESDAY – Alternating
10:00 A.M. – Safety Committee: Zone (CHAIR), Polensek (VICE-CHAIR), Griffin, B.
Jones, J. Jones, Kazy, Santana.
10:00 A.M. – Transportation Committee: Cleveland (CHAIR), Slife (VICE-CHAIR),
Bishop, Conwell, Johnson, J. Jones, Santana.

The following Committees meet at the Call of the Chair:
Mayor’s Appointments Committee: Kazy (CHAIR), Brady, Brancatelli, Cleveland,
Operations Committee: McCormack (CHAIR), Griffin, J. Jones, Kelley, Zone.
Rules Committee: Kelley (CHAIR), Cleveland, Hairston, Polensek, Slife.


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