Prescription for a Fallen World

Ron Calhoun

A three-step process for healing is found at Isaiah 58:1-9.

Repent and pursue righteousness. Minister to others. Serve others.

Let God step in to repair our broken society, broken relationships and our broken lives, if we will be broken before Him. Stripped of our independence.

1. Pursing righteousness starts with repenting. To repent is snitching on yourself to God and turning away from what you know is ungodly. Then seek a relationship with Him.

Try the 5 by 5 by 5 method. 5 minutes of prayer (talking to God), 5 minutes of meditation (reading the word of God), and 5 minutes of memory (memorizing a portion of scripture). Isaiah 58:3 talks about how the people fasted to please themselves. Seek righteousness under God’s conditions.


2. Minister to others. Serve others. How best to serve others? We know best what we need most from God. How God can help us as individuals. Well there is where we best serve others. Who was the perfect servant? Jesus showed us over and over again how to serve others. If not in our individual needs, then use your God–Given gifts to serve others.

3. God will step in and heal you, and your righteousness will go before you according to Isaiah 58: 8-11. It says your darkness will become light. It means He will clear up things for you. God will bring light to the decision you need to make for yourself. Replace your hopelessness with hope. God will work in you to bring soul satisfaction. Harmony and peace where you have chaos.

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