Recovering from COVID-19? We Want to Hear Your Story

The Ward 7 Observer is looking to tell the stories of Clevelanders who survived COVID-19.

For months, we have heard the bleak predictions about the unequal number of Black Clevelanders infected by the novel Coronavirus and hospitalized for serious complications.

Here’s what we know as of July 2:

  • Black Clevelanders make up about 61% of Coronavirus infections, but only half of city residents.
  • The consequences of COVID-19 are more severe for people with diabetes, heart, or lung problems, and many of those issues are more prevalent in the Black community, in part, due to racist policies.
  • More Black Clevelanders have died of COVID-19 than should have, but not as many as in other cities with large Black communities.

We also know people have recovered – hundreds, so far.  We haven’t heard many of those stories. That might be because people are reluctant to talk about having had the infection or because nobody has asked.

If you are interested in talking to our project reporters, Afi-Odelia Scruggs and Rachel Dissell, fill in your name here and we will contact you for an interview.