Seniors On The Go at Fatima Family Center

Fatima Family Center located at 6600 Lexington Ave is a thriving community center that serves individuals of all ages.

The Senior Program has a vast array of services and activities for the senior population of Ward 7 and surrounding communities. Senior programming is offered Monday through Thursday, beginning at 10 am.

Lajean Ray, Director of the center shared that every year the seniors complete an evaluation inquiring of their interests. Most of the seniors stated they wanted more trips.

The seniors’ wish was granted and on September 19th a total of 50 seniors left for a fabulous bus trip through Southern Ohio to The Underground Railroad, The Creation Museum and Noah’s Ark Museum. For the bus trip Fatima provided all travelers with gift bags filled with a t-shirt, snacks, food vouchers and more. The seniors played board games, watched movies and fellowshipped with one another. This year they had 5 Married couples, the youngest traveler was 22 and the oldest was 94 years young.

The Observer spoke to travelers Marilyn and Willis Thomas. Marilyn shared that she and her husband joined the Fatima senior program in April 2019, and their first trip was a fishing trip. The Thomas’ shared that thus far the visit to Noah’s Ark was their most memorable experience. The Ark sits high on a hill and as you approach the Museum you can see the Ark from 3-4 miles away. The Thomas’ said that the Museum was truly amazing. The craftsmanship of the Ark is deemed to be an exact replica of the original biblical Ark. Mrs. Thomas said that even knowing the story of Noah’s Ark it was truly amazing to see what it looked like and how the animals were stored.

The Ark offers overnight accommodations as well as an Amish Restaurant with family-style seating. The Thomas’ both stated that The Ark Museum is a must-see.

Another traveler, Deloris Maldy, shared that Noah’s Ark was fantastic–you felt like you could live there, and that The Ark was amazingly organized.  Deloris said that the hotel accommodations for the trip were excellent and that the first night they stayed at the Belterra Casino and Resorts. The rooms were very spacious and there was a jacuzzi tub in all rooms. The hotel also provided breakfast and and dinner vouchers to the travelers.

Deloris shared the Underground Railroad Museum was very informative and the tour guide was very knowledgeable. Deloris said that her great-great-grandparents traveled on the underground railroad through Kentucky and the Ohio River settling in Canada, and to see how they traveled was very humbling. On the 4th floor of the Underground Museum there is a genealogy library and Deloris was able to gather information on her ancestry. She highly recommends The Ark and Underground Museum to people of all ages.

The travelers are looking forward to the next trip with Fatima Family Center.

For information on Fatima’s senior programming go to: or call 216-391-0505.

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