Fifty Cheers for 50 Years at NEON!

Have you ever met anyone who has worked at an organization for 50 years?!  Well we have!  Meet Mr. Willie F. Austin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. (NEON). He has served in this capacity since March 2003 and recently celebrated over 50 years of service to NEON!  What an amazing achievement!

Established in 1967, NEON is one of the oldest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) networks in the country. With over seven health center locations, an in-school program at Shaw High School, medical services at Job Corps, a mobile dental unit, and numerous community outreach programs, NEON is also one of the largest health center networks in the Greater Cleveland area serving over 28,000 patients each year.

During his tenure at NEON, Mr. Austin also served as the Vice-President and as the Chief Operating Officer.  In addition, he has held many senior level positions outside of NEON in business, finance, and other related fields, including real estate management, securities investment, mortgage banking, insurance and construction of residential, commercial and health facilities.

Mr. Austin was initially drawn to the health care field because of a terrible experience he had at a dentist’s office during his childhood. He never forgot this experience and as he grew into adulthood, he was determined to ensure that no one else received substandard healthcare.  Mr. Austin is a dedicated, compassionate and visionary leader who is fully committed to ensuring the health and well-being of the community.

Mr. Austin completed his graduate work in Health Care Administration at the University of Minnesota and Cleveland State University. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Oberlin College. He has also completed business management certification coursework and seminars from numerous educational institutions including Case Western Reserve, Cleveland State University, Michigan State University, and an Executive Health Care Program from UCLA Graduate School of Management.

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