Fun-Filled, Friendly Days for Seniors at Fatima

The Ward7Observer visited Fatima Family Center and met several vibrant seniors including Mattie Nixon. Mattie shared that she started coming to the Center in 2008 for her Uncle who is now 95 years old. Mattie said that she felt welcome and embraced the fellowship. Mattie started attending the Center daily and was instrumental in starting a free quilting/sewing class.

Minnie Holloway, another participant was busy sewing beautiful seasonal door wreaths, some of which will be auctioned at the Center’s Annual Breakfast this year.

Several ladies in the class were wearing black tee-shirts with a green dragon emblem. The ladies shared that the tee-shirts are from their Tai Chi class. The Tai Chi classes are on Mondays, and there is Yoga on Tuesdays. The women shared that they participate in a movie night, health education and screenings, board games, computer access, and walking classes.

Lunch is served daily with a full menu in the Senior Day Café.

Brian Johnson and Michael (Moose) Brown were sitting in the main gathering area playing dominoes. Brian said that he started coming for the hot meals and noticed that there was a senior program, so he stayed for the programs and “the ladies.” Brian shared “all of the ladies are very nice.”

Moose shared that he recently retired and wanted to keep busy, so he started attending the exercise classes, then began participating in all of the senior programs.

Marsha Smith shared that she started attending the center after she retired in 2002. She said that she met a lot of friends and lost a lot of friends, but she kept coming back because the people are friendly and very kind.

Shirley Banks shared that she first sent her children to the Center, then her grandchildren to the After-School Program and as a result she started attending the senior programs.

These are just some of the many activities available to the vibrant seniors of Ward 7.

Stop by and visit the Fatima Center – enjoy displays of beautiful handmade quilts, crafts and feel welcome in the cozy senior lounge.

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