Treasures In The Trial


The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed almost half a million lives world-wide; with more than 117,000 in the United States alone.

Lifestyle changes, economic upheaval, permanent changes or even elimination of many businesses and industries have become a reality.

In order to help us to cope with the fear and uncertainty, it might be helpful to look at any positive changes that have resulted from these challenging times and events.

Though not even in the same category as the devastation of having lost a loved one, some of us have been laid off from our jobs. Or we might even just miss the simple pleasure of visiting our favorite restaurant or clothing store. We are also dealing with ever-changing information regarding the appropriate safety measures we should be taking to protect ourselves.

However in times like this we are reminded that we can turn to those we love most for emotional support, and the motivation to keep pushing forward. Those people may include neighbors, co-workers, friends or family.

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to spend much more time with our families, maybe even more than we’d like, but we’ve had the chance to slow down and truly enjoy each other.

Now is a good time, while things are at a standstill, to reflect on who we love, why we love them, and how to love them better.

This is actually the silver lining to all of this if you really think about it.


Below is a list of 7 activities you can do with your family this weekend:

  1. Go for a walk or bike ride at Euclid Creek Reservation
  2. Go walking in your own neighborhood
  3. Do some arts and crafts
  4. Have a karaoke night
  5. Create family Vision Boards
  6. Cook meals together or bake fun desserts
  7. Camp-out in your living-room.

This season is only temporary and it will pass soon enough. Don’t allow it to pass by without realizing and enjoying the treasures within this trial.