Ward 7 New Construction After 10+ Years

Ron Calhoun

New Construction on 85th Street between Chester and Crawford

I could be wrong, but I believe there was not one house built in Ward 7 in the last ten years.

Years ago, Councilwoman Fannie Lewis had a passion and vision to revive Ward 7. Now that dream is being rekindled by continuing to revive this neighborhood. Mrs. Lewis realized that her community, Ward 7, was prime real estate. Twenty minutes from any suburb with cultural and economic amenities like no other Ward. Lewis dreamed of custom homes alongside older homes without displacing anyone already living in the Ward.

Some people thought it humorous back in 1992 when the first few new houses were built. Saying things like “Those folks must be crazy”, and “Who would build a custom home in Hough?” True, this community has a long way to go but we have also come along way!

Former Mayor Jane Campbell marveled at Lewis’ dedication to Hough residents. “Everything that she did revolved around rebuilding the homes and the people of that Ward,” Campbell wrote in an e-mail “She was determined and unwavering. Best of all, she produced results.”

Fast forward to now. The Cleveland Clinic in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University (C.W.R.U.) thought it worthy to build a new dental school in Ward 7. C.W.R.U. is now building apartments for student housing on Ansel Rd. I’m willing to bet that you would never have thought 20 years ago that The Cleveland Foundation would build their home in Ward 7. Even Midtown Cleveland is engaging Ward 7 to help provide more community amenities.

Councilman Basheer Jones has stated that Ward 7 is the hottest Ward in Cleveland. We should be proud!






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