What Time Is It Mr. Clock?

By Gwendolyn Garth


It is…

Half past time for action.

But still some sit around

and talk while they wait for Superman, Superwoman

And/or Superchild.


What Time is it Mr. Clock?


Time for everyone

right where they are

with what they have

with whoever is around them that is willing…

To make some small movement,

Some activity, not against,

But for…

What is wanted, and needed.


It is time for change


Time to tear down

antiquated belief systems.

Time to speak to our

neighbors and people

we don’t know.

Time to regrow our communities.

And not one drop of blood

need be shed because

Change requires nothing of anyone



Oh, ancient grandfather clock on our living room wall,

Who knows the secret of it all,

Tell us please…

What time is it…really?


Time to study war no more

Time to kill separateness

Time to build up togetherness

Time for healing and


It is time to explore…

The Possibilities of Love.

And yes, we will and we do love you.


It’s been nice chatting with ya,

but its…

Time for us to go now,

You see…

there’s a small molehill

In our neighborhood

That we need to move

Before it becomes mountainous.



Gwendolyn Garth 10/28/13


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