Young Boss – Althea Young


Entrepreneurship is a fight for financial freedom that some people aren’t willing to take.

The comfort of a consistent paycheck keeps a lot of talented and innovative individuals from creating what they imagine, and becoming who they wish to be.

Inspiration can be found locally in abundance from many of the young adults here in Cleveland.  A good example of innovation and courage can be found in the inner workings of a clothing store in Great Northern Mall called No Basis.

No Basis is the swag Jack Prints, a place where you can customize clothing to fit your personal style. No Basis provides cool clothes to modify, besides just the average pullover and t-shirt options found in most clothing customizing stores. The addition of strange styles and patterns changes basic pants and shirts into loud fashion statements that you can add your own voice to.

The Creator of the No Basis Brand is a young woman named Althea Young. Althea grew up on Rozelle in East Cleveland. She was the only girl of 4 siblings and has always seen owning her own business as a position of power. At 9 years old Althea was selling Avon products. Her business mindset developed over time and manifested into a love for fashion and culture.

Earlier this year Althea hosted a fashion show for Lemon Pine Drop LLC, to kick off the start of her new fall fashion shipment. Early this month she hosted the second “It’s All Love” networking event to help creatives network and become better at branding.

When asked why she chose to pursue fashion Althea responded by saying, “Fashion and Aesthetics come natural to me; it’s something I don’t question about myself… I like communicating through what I wear.” She continued, “The most rewarding thing about becoming an entrepreneur is creating things that didn’t exist before. I believe God created us in His image, giving us the ability to create. When I create something, I feel closer to God.”

Love has been a theme for the No Basis clothing brand, and with love as the foundation we can expect to see No Basis continue to prosper for years to come.

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